Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Do Find You Beautiful

Valentine's Day is Monday (heads up to all the husbands!). Seventeen years ago, Heather and I were married. Little did we realize what was in store for us. She describes our marriage as the most broken and beautiful thing she has ever known. She's right on both accounts. We are both learning day by day how to love as we've been loved--facing the truth, extending grace.

On our wedding day (December 18, 1993), when the 'Bridal March' began to play, the music suddenly stopped and Heather's recorded voice came through the PA system. It was one of those 'you could have heard a pin drop' moments--a gravitas moment--and no one felt the weight of her words more than me.
I come to you today, down this aisle, dressed in white hoping you will find me beautiful. My brother is beside me, ready to give me away. Derrick has been the most important man in my life, until I met you. In the few minutes it takes for us to march down the aisle, you will hold my hand in yours as you look upon me--my face misted with the veil which you will take away. I hope you will find me beautiful. I am bringing you my greatest treasure, myself, my life, my love, my future. I put them all in your hands. I will be one with you for all life's days and I ask that you never take lightly what I have to give as I will never take lightly what you are giving me, for from today my life, my being, my name is gone and I am yours. I hope you find me beautiful. You have told me your dreams, your hopes, your deepest desires. You have told me that you have found in me all your heart's devotion. May you truly find me beautiful. And today when you lift my veil and see me plainly and then through all the countless days and years when hidden veils will be revealed and you will truly know me, may you find me beautiful.

Heather, I do find you beautiful.

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