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Taking (and Handing over) the Wheel

During the summer months when our family takes a road trip, I end up doing most of the driving. I like it that way. It gives me what I like to call a "modicum of monarchy." Somehow being behind the wheel makes me think I'm in control. In reality, lot of other factors like the weather, traffic, and (rightfully) my wife are there to remind me that I'm not a monarch. I'm really more of a chauffeur. Nevertheless, I like being behind the wheel.

There is a down side to this, of course. That means that I can't watch the movies the kids are enjoying at 70 mph. I can't catch up on email and texts like my wife, Heather, in the "shotgun" chair. I can't read the stack of books I brought along on the trip. I can't even listen to "my music" via earbuds because I only have one good ear. (Believe me, I've tried all these things and I would not recommend them.)

There seems to be a lesson here. Being in the driver's seat gives you some s…

Staying Local

Jim Elliot, one of the 1956 missionary martyrs to the Huaorani in Ecuador, once said, "Wherever you are be all there. Live every moment you know to be the will of God to the hilt." He was getting at the notion of "faithful presence," as put forth in To Change the World, by James Davison Hunter. We live in a world of distraction and escapism. What Jim and James are both calling us to is what could be called localized living. My grandmother would just call it living.

What for many generations was just fantasy has now become commonplace. Hundreds of thousands of people will jet to London to see the Olympic games later this month. Hundreds of millions more will watch the games on TV and online. It is as if the whole world is converging on England. The same thing will happen in Brazil for the World Cup in two years and then the next Olympic games in 2016. The digital generation can "be anywhere, anytime" via the internet--a new breed of electronic teleporters a…

Women in Church Leadership

The role of women in the Church is crucial for its health and growth. Just as women were active during Jesus’ ministry and in the early church, so women are actively ministering in the church today. Without their efforts the work of the church would be severely hampered. That being said, when we address the role of women in the church we need to remember that Scripture is our sole and sufficient guide in this matter, as in all others. The creation account in Genesis 1 and 2 shows that the Lord determined that man should be head of the woman, who was made from man in order to be his glory and helper. Basing his teachings on the order of creation and the example set by the Son in freely submitting to the Father’s headship, Paul requires a woman to submit voluntarily to her husband’s leadership and to the leadership established by Christ for the church which is limited to men (1 Tim. 2:11-13). Women can serve in any capacity in the church along side men, except in the role as officers (1…