Atheists Don't Have No Songs

I love music. Always have, always will. My earliest memories are of my mom and dad making music in church. My mom played the piano. My dad directed the choir. I sang even as a young kid before I could read or write. Now I do all three. One reason is that I have a song to sing. I always have songs going on in my head. Happy songs. Sad songs. Silly songs. Holy songs. At any given moment I might break out into song (often embarrassment of my kids in public places).

I'm glad I have a song to sing. I have a lot of things I like to sing about--my wife, my kids, the great outdoors, my country, my favorite pass times and favorite places... My favorite songs to sing are God songs (as Elijah calls them). Ancient, modern, fast, slow, contemporary, traditional, classical, popular, folk, Anglo, Latino, Celtic, Israeli, African, Asian--I like all types. If it's a solid, Scripturally sound, singable song, I'll sing it and enjoy doing it.

In light of this, you've got to view this silly, but very insightful, video. I have nothing more to add.


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