Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spiritual Maturity

This past Sunday we heard a message from my friend T. J. Campo, senior pastor of St. Andrews Presbyterian. His theme of spiritual maturity has been challenging and encouraging me all week. Here are my notes:
Spiritual maturity stems from a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Jesus showed that people can't get to God. God had to come to us.
Jesus' resurrection makes him more than a spiritual leader. It validates his claim to be God in the flesh.
Spiritual maturity is knowing what the Son of Man is doing. He is renewing all things--righting all wrongs.
Working for God is really cooperating with God in his renewing work.
There can be no spiritual maturity where there is no spiritual life.

Four incentives for spiritual maturity:
1) Remember my weakness when left to my own will power vs. grace.
2) See how Jesus kisses away our self-inflicted wounds.
"Your denials will not defeat my plan for you."
"It's not about your failures--it's about my grace."
3) Jesus Christ is alive and knows where the fish are.
4) You will change and will become like me by grace and the Spirit.

Three indications of spiritual maturity:
1) A lack of self-confidence...Peter is no longer impressed with Peter.
2) Real sorrows over failings...Peter was grieved.
3) Real failings...Peter was not perfect, but useful.
A useful life is lived close to the cross.

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